Fashion Film

Dear all,
In the last years I lost my desire to enter in the clothing brands websites, why?! Because they are static, passive and sometimes boring and difficult.
Fashion brands woke up and now they are working to try to fix that. How?! Creating content to make more attractive their websites and bring people to check them and maybe buy something in the e-store. One question that I was trying to resolve this morning, was that how looks like the fashion websites in the future?! Like magazines?! Is the end of the magazines and the journalist will have to join the fashion brands and deliver a lot of stuff for them?!
What they attract traffic to the websites?! Fashion films is one of the tools and I am really interesting of them. I have to recognize that I really love them (all of them because there are different ways to make them, I talk later about it). Fashion films are a cinematographic’s dream -senses, moods,… Unlike commercials, which are forthright in their messaging and typically utilise an “appeal to the masses” approach, fashion films aim for a softer sell and typically target a niche audience.
Web video platforms as Youtube for example, it has led to an increase in fashion films. Brands have perception of that tendency and try to have deeper connections with their audience. divides fashion films in the following sub-genres:
  • Product Placement Films.
  • A-day-in-the-life Film.
  • Narrative Films.
  • Music-driven Films.
  • Experimental Fashion Film.
  • Fashion Documentary.
  • Lookbooks.
  • And I will ad Interviews.
Fashion Films got a lot repercussion and a proof of that is the big fashion films festivals around the world. The most important ones are:
How a look of some of them:

Alexander McQueeb





To sum up, the fashion industry is embracing film to showcase collections, create buzz and interact with consumers. Besides, fashion films don’t have to be a big-budget Hollywood productions, so small brands could afford it and also do an amazing job!

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