Seoul – Munsoo Kwon

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Today I was thinking back about my Asians friends in NYC. Over there, I have developed an admiration for that cultures and one country that surprises me a lot in a good way was South Korea. After that, I was having conversations with my mates to understand and learn about their culture. Besides that, I was taking Korean classes to improve my knowledge about their country and behaviour.

Nowadays, Seoul is blooming culturally talking. Not only in fashion, that it is the theme of this blog mainly; also in music, art, retail concepts (amazing stores are opened in the last years), and so on. The South Korean capital has slowly but surely made its mark in the fashion world, evident by the surge of creativity from local brands that have taken the planet by storm. One of them is Munsoo Kwon!

After cutting his teeth under the tutelage of such names as Robert Geller, Helmut Lang, Thom Browne, and culminating with 5 seasons as a designer at Andrew Buckler, MUNSOO KWON has launched his very first collection for Fall/Winter 2012, in New York.

MUNSOO KWON attempts to steer clear of the traditional saturated menswear market, and build his designs based on neatly tailored modern silhouettes that are practical; yet maintain his own distinctive design. His aesthetic is faithful to proportions and carefully designed for an impeccable fit, while still using his unique detailing. Rather than overtly branding his pieces, MUNSOO KWON uses his signature split-open details on the back and special pockets on shirts to create a coherent brand representation.

Have a look to the styles presented by the designer for the FW15 collection.



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Alife & Puma

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We are finishing 2015 and I looking back at my year, I was thinking that maybe 25% of the time I was running. When you are working hard not also at your job you need to find stuff to put your mind in blank and do not think for a while. In my case, I chose running but in 2015 I decide to enrol in the Amsterdam Marathon. It was a big deal for me and I was very focus during the preparation.

Saying that, I was researching and reading a lot about the world around the running world. For my surprise and as I fashion lover, I discovered a big and amazing world between sports (running in particular) and fashion. In the past, we had specific sports brands as Nike, Adidas, Puma,… and fashion brands but now both sides take inspiration from the other. The sporty trend may be super comfy, but there’s more to this fad than fancy sweatshirts and tailored track pants. Have a look to this amazing collaboration between Alife & Puma.


Designers, fashion editors and shoppers are eating these styles up with the same fervour we all did any popular baker good. Do the same! Run to the stores, go to the e-stores, look for new brands,… And introduce these technics garments in your life and outfits.

The rise of activewear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past years. For fall 2015 it continues on the direction of sleek, minimal and luxurious, making itself ripe for new interpretations that blur the boundaries between daywear and activewear.