Vivienne Westwood for Opening Ceremony!

Hey Guys,

I hope you are having a great time in spite of the cold weather, actually perfect to show your best jacket or jackets as maybe a nice leather jacket, bomber, fur,…

I am really happy about the new collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Open Ceremony who have designed a 20-piece collection based on the timeless “clothes for heroes” found at her fabled Worlds End Shop in London. I always tell you that you should play and have fun with the clothes and combine them with your imagination and creativity. But also, you should try the clothes from the opposite gender; we are accustomed to know a women looks great in a man’s shirt but why cannot a men look great in a woman’s dress?! I wear so many women clothes and was thinking about the reason and I am happy that Vivienne Westwood is pushing boundaries and experimenting with this capsule and for that she has all my admiration.

In terms of patterns, it is an incredible job as we have difference sizes and bodies; so it is a fenomenal job that the 20-piece fix well to both genders and we have to recognise it and at the same time enjoy the beauty of a good pattern and their shapes; especially with the appearance of the mass market and the loss of the traditional pattern making.

The resulting capsule priced from $95 for a T-shirt to $1,500 bomber jacket and includes reissued garments dating back to the 70’s.

VW VW1 VW2 VW3 VW4 VW5 VW6 VW7 VW8 VW9 VW10 VW11 VW12 VW13 VW14 VW15 VW16 VW17 VW18 VW19 VW20 VW21 VW22 VW23 VW24

I think you are gonna love as much as I do.


frankie lauren


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