Hey Guys,

Layering is a styling statement for this garment called t-shirt. For a fashion-toward youth-led look, incorporate duplicate layers, style with a short or play with length at the hem to create a strong urban and casual image.

I would like to remark other ways to wear a duplicate layers image. For example, you can mix them with narrow pants, skinny jeans or jogging pants (introducing the sporty trend).

I have discovered a brand called bukht that means “camel of good quality” in the Middle East, something that is highly treasured by the people there. They hope that bukht brand will be as loved as the origin of its name, and also be a place for creativity that can reach beyond the realm of common domestic brand through various encounters. In their SS15 collection, you will appreciate the fantastic way to wear different top layers with other magnificent garments and create a powerful look and image. Have a look to the outfits that they propose to us.

bu bu1 bu2 bu3 bu4 bu5 bu6 bu7 bu8 bu9 bu10 bu11 bu12 bu13 bu14 bu15

I hope you enjoy it and you will try with multi-layers in your favourite places 🙂


frankie lauren


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