Christmas Jumper!

Hey Guys, We are in the last moments of the year and immersed in Christmas. I have to admit that I really like this period of the year and because I had to travel a couple of times to different cities in Europe last weeks, I could enjoy Christmas in different cities and appreciate how they dress their streets, trees, and so on. But, one common thing for all of them is the huge trend about the Christmas jumper. Everybody have seen Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone” wearing this piece of cloth. I am not sure when the Christmas jumper first became a “thing” but it is another American influence in Europe. You can see that this type of sweatshirts have more presence inside the stores of the big brands and also companies as Topshop or Asos have a special places in their online shop for it. I would like to launch two question?! The first one, it is worthily for companies to create a capsule around this product?! And the second, it this product cool or fashionable?! About the first one, I think that only big brands as Zara, Topshop,… with a fast sales pace can do it because these products only have two week of sales approximately and then are totally obsolete and you cannot put in other sales channels as outlets, jobbers,… Thinking on the second question, I think that you can take the idea and try to adjust to you and find something similar but not a funny ugly Christmas jumper. Alexa Chung said once that “irony in fashion is not for those above the age of 25” and I am with her. So keep them for teens of old ladies/gentlemen and try to find similar jumper in the market that match with your age, personality,… For example Isabel Marant present a Navajo Noel that can compensate this trend and don’t look an asshole 😉


Go for it and be the coolest these days!


frankie lauren


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