The Henten Bag!

Hey Guys,

It is a really happy day for me and the blog because I am going to introduce interviews in it. I want to present you people with the same love and passion for this world. For this first interview, I have the honor of interviewing Mikel Cans and his brand The Henten Bag.

1.- How is the person behind The Henten Bag?!                                                                                                                   

Behind The Henten Bag there is a small team, but the greatest! The brand was originally my idea, and I was the one finding the Hävard Henten heritage. Together with my two partners we developed it and make it a reallity. Today, by now, we are the ones driving the whole daily activity.

2.- Tell us about your background and if it is helped you with the brand?!

My formal education is graphic design, a field in which I constructed my career and I have work for about 20 years, always very related to fashion, finding among my customers some recognised fashion brands. Without any doubt this experience has help me a lot with The HENTEN Bag.

3.- Tell us about The Henten Bag?!

I was looking for the perfect piece of luggage, that was something that became an obsession for me until one day digging in an old book store I have found a Finnish book about art. That was the first time I have read about the unknown Hävard Henten.
The story was so inspiring and I decided to evolve The Henten Bag and make it an everyday ítem combining utility, comfort and high quality, with an special twist of style.
4.- When you started your company and how has The Henten Bag grown since you started?!
We started mid 2012, five seassons until now. We started with our online store and surprisingly we were contacted by our first Japanese stockist. Since then our Brand is part of some of the best selected stores around the world.
5.- What was the biggest challenge for you in creating this brand?!
The most challenging but wonderfull until now has been to learn about the leather industry wich is now a passion for me.
6.- Which is your favourite part about creating The Henten Bag’s brand?!
I specially enjoy creating the new collection every seasson.
7.- Tell us a little about the fabrics that you use?!
We use some special hand woven fabrics but our collection it’s mainly based on leather. We produce everything in Spain in a very artisan way. Our production are limited editions. We also use calf leather, suede etc.
8.- Which are your inspirations behind the brand?!
We get inspired by many things but specially by the Havard Henten life style based on traveling, curiosity, simplicity and comfort.
9.- Each collection has its own story, where does the inspiration come from?!
We just do updates in all the things that inspire us giving freshness to each collection.
10.- No outfit is complete without?!
Of course, a HENTEN Bag.
11.- Could you have in mind any collaboration for the future?!
We are open to everything, but we are not telling you our whole future….
12.- In five years, you are…your brand…
Updated and evolved, but keeping the same principles of today
13.- Anything else we should known about the brand?!
Great news coming soon, so keep connected
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I hope you like The Henten Bag as much as I do!
frankie lauren

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