Hey Guys,

How is going with these first days with cold and rain?! It is not nice that the Sun leaves ourselves to say hi to clouds and rain. But, to be honest I was waiting for this weather to start wearing my autumn/winter outfits. For this season, I am seeing a lot of turtleneck in the shops, big and trendy cities, and so on. So keep on eye in this piece of cloth because I see really trendy at the same time elegant and smart.

Turtleneck is the US term for a Polo neck, which in Britain has a slightly different meaning, referring to a collar resembles a polo neck, being tubular in form, but not as high, and usually not turned back on it self. The term may also refer to a garment featuring such a collar. So-called as it resembles the opening of a turtle´s shell (in to which the head and neck retract).

I leave you some pictures about some turtlenecks that I saw in the market and always remember that you have more and less expensive options.

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7

Turtleneck is a must for this season, go for it!


frankie lauren


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