Jorge Vazquez – Men Collection in the stores

Hey Guys,
The leaves are falling down and the nostalgic is coming back but I have good news, especially for men because Jorge Vazquez has started selling his men’s collection AW14/15 in his store in Calle Orellana N*12 Bajo Izq. (+34917024431).
Jorge Vazquez is a well-known Spanish designer focus in his pret-a-porter and wedding dresses, but a couple of seasons ago he has started doing men collection again with a lot of success. Right now, after some good critics and media behind, he has decided to selling it.
He is doing a classic men but at the same time contemporaneous, elegant and fashion trend. Remark the patterns, clean cuts and the good fabrics & quality (alpaca, poplin, oxford and wool).
I leave you the pictures of the collection and you can take your own opinion about it, have a look of the bomber or fur jacket as well as the heavy knit proposals.










Maybe you are with me that the collection is fantastic and the colors and garments match perfect with these grey and cold days.
frankie lauren


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