Hey Guys,
Saying hello to the Sun, I assume that you have already taken the summer clothes out or you are in your way to do it. Nowadays in Madrid, you can see that people are wearing summer clothes and accessories as sunglasses, hat, borsalinos,… as we have an amazing weather and the terraces are open.
Taking in consideration the sunny days and the trend of sneakers, I present you an awesome brand coming from Sweden and her name is Eytys (eytys.com). Eytys is a brand talking about the owner generation; born in the boom years of the 80’s, grew up with the street culture of 90’s, and subsisted on a heavy diet of inspiration – which has always been a click away. Eytys is a unisex sneaker with confident proportions –  more gritty pavement than polished runway and equally important is the idea of a platform on which Eytys stands; a platform through which we wish to connect, interact with and highlight people we admire.
E9E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8I will my pair of this incredible sneakers but I do not know which style, plain color (black or white), printed or in shine color. Are you gonna get yours?!
frankie lauren 

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