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There was a big debate when e-commerce started some years ago about selling clothes online. The big issue was about when you buy a piece of cloth and you cannot try and touch it before. Comments about how can I buy something if I cannot put it on before so maybe it is not my size, I do not like the fabric, and so on. Nowadays, all these issues are passed and the online business is a reality in the fashion sector.
Besides, you can find companies that they are only online as for example one of the most successful and powerful right now Net-a-Porter. Big brands are going hand-by-hand with them and for example the French brand Chloé proposes a capsule collection in exclusive sale for them.
It is the first time that Chloé launch something similar and the collection is the image of the brand: “A feeling of the beach in the city”. The collection has 14 pieces, two bags and two jewelry. 
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C14 C16 C17Collaborations are a powerful tool in fashion when you chose a correct partner and you propose something good surrounding with a great communication.
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The weather in Madrid is getting nicer and that means new habits come to our life. One of them is the possibility of changing your way of moving inside the city. If you permit me to be a little bit rude, let me tell you “F**K the traffic and get a bicycle” Why? Basically because it is healthy, ecologic, trendy and there is an amazing life style surrounding it. You can find a “café” in Malasaña (Madrid) called “La Bicicleta”, where it was born from the passion for the bikes and everything related it. 
Nowadays, there is a huge spectrum of possibilities and customization. I will show you some examples.
A modern take on the classically styled, urban, single-speed bike, the Oxbridge provides a more dynamic and direct feeling than a traditional city bike.
Bowery Lane Bicycle’s Bones is hand cut, welded and assembled in small production runs at a small NYC workshop.
3.-Track Classic.
The Fuji Track Classic’s frame is made from stiff and durable Elios 2 chromoly in a tight, traditional track geometry.
4.-The Overthrow.
Minimalist style and maximum performance meet in Sole’s The Overthrow.
5.-Cross-Check SS.
This single-speed bike by Surly makes for a trusty companion on your daily commute, boasting a tough Cro-Moly frame and fork with mounts for racks and fenders, front and rear, and two sets of water bottle cage bosses.
Tokyo bikes offer a zen-bike riding experience with its CS model bike. Crafter to conquer the Japanese metropolis’ busy streets, it comes equipped with a tough Cro-Mo steel frame available in a number of different colors to chose from.
For 2014, Schwinn revisited the Slicker city bike, staying true to its tried-and-tested construction for the most part, while updating the rest with a bunch of premium components.
Created by Amsterdam-based 100 Minute, the Minute is “a small bike for great minds”. Fast, strong, compact and agile, it will serve you well on your daily commutes and errands.
Looking back on more than 125 years worth of experience storied Italian company Bianchi is a sure bet when it comes to premium bikes. The Pista is a classic fixed gear bike, widely acclaimed for a timeless design and superior quality among those in the know.
10.-Diamond Limited Edition.
BIKEID updated its Diamond model with three sleek metallic colorways.
If you want to be the coolest of your neighbor,  buy a nice bike and also you could get a vintage one and customize it!
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Tim by Taiki Matsumura!

Hey Guys!
My passion for Asian cultures and specially for Japanese clothing brands and designers, let me discover an amazing brand called Tim.
Japanese label Tim showcase their spring/summer collection 2014 collection lookbook. Tim keeps a refined palette of colors, mixing stronger based colors as navy or grey dark with more relaxed colors as white or beige for example. We can see a very wearable collection with a renovated preppy look.
T1 T2 T3 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T11 T12 T13 T14 T15I hope you like the brand and keep on eye on Japanese brands, they are really good and introduce new proposals in terms of design, patterns and colors/prints.
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