Hey Guys,
Do you like overalls?! This garment is in trend for the couple of seasons and I think that if you choose a nice one in terms of design, pattern and material/color combine with great accessories, you can rock it!
Overall is a chiefly British term for a one-piece garment with long legs and long or short sleeves, fastening up the front of the torso with a zip, buttons, velcro or press studs. Typically made from denim or heavyweight cotton, overalls are traditionally worn by manual labourers, and feature many pockets to hold tools, and so on. Maybe donned over normal clothing for protection against dirt, bad weather, etc. Also called “boilersuit” and “coveralls”.
A second definition is a chiefly US term for trousers that feature an attached front section that covers the chest, and shoulder straps to hold the garment up. Originally made of calico, now they are often made out of denim or a similar hard-wearing material. Also called “bib-and-brace”, “bib overalls” and “dungarees”.
I leave you some pictures of overall examples:
D1O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 O9 O10 O11 O12 O13I hope you like them and If you do not have one, run to the store and get one.
frankie lauren 

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