P.V.C. (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Hey Guys,
Looks like rain and wind is coming in our life again and it makes to recover winter garments. PVC?! Why not?! PVC or polyvinyl chloride, was first used in fashion by none other than Mary Quant. The year was 1963, and Quant was enthralled by a fabric that was not just shiny, and vaguely space age, but also waterproof and cheap. What?! yes yes, waterproof and cheap, so sounds perfect for this period, is not?! 
Time is passing if you do not have your piece, also play with colors and let’s considered metallic effects.
pvc pvc1 pvc2 pvc3 pvc4 pvc5 pvc6 pvc7 pvc8
Rain could be fun as fashion!!!!
frankie lauren

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