La Brocanterie

Hey Guys,
Last Sunday, I had and amazing morning in the Rastro-Madrid (It has started since S.XIX). Rastro is a really special place for local people and the major never makes changes on it; so, for this reason sometimes looks like a totally mess everything in the street but it is a emblematic flea market. You have to appreciate it! Moreover, it is the best plan after a night partying or before a nice brunch or meal.
After a wonderful walk because of the sunny day, I have founded myself inside of a great store who offers furniture, objects and little things to decorate your house, events,… with a vintage, retro, art decó, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s touch. This store is called “La Brocanterie” and it is handle by two amazing guys, They allowed me to take some pictures and these are some of them.

I hope you like them and if you go to the Rastro never forget to pass by this store “La Brocanterie”. They are open until 14.30pm and you can follow them in Facebook.
frankie lauren

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