Undercorated MAN

Hi guys,
As you maybe now, I am studying pattern maker classes in my “free time” and after some period and practice I have realized that I fall in love with Japanese’s brands; specially with their patterns, cuts and designs. Today, I present you Undercorated Man.
Undercorated Man is a Japanese Brand created by Yoshio Kubo. He went to Philadelphia University’s school of Textile & Science and then he had been working for New York haute couture designer “Robert Danes” for 4 years. After RD, he launched Undercorated Man Fall/Winter 2008-09 collection.
Now, see some looks of his Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

He offers casual, tailored pieces and slightly athletic-inspired wear.

The collection includes blazers, cardigans, roll-cuff pants, button-up shirts, shorts and neck scarves.

Uses a variety of prints and specially have a look on the plaid and stripes in contrast colors.

See the important of the highlight pieces in orange and red.

Frankie Lauren