JV por Jorge Vazquez!

Hi guys,
February is an amazing month because is catwalks’ time and so many stuff coming up!!!!! Last Friday, I have the pleasure and honor of being in the backstage of the Jorge Vazquez’s fashion show!!!! After 6 years he came back with a lot energy and he rocked it!!!!! It was amazing to have the opportunity to live the show from the back where in the previous moments the words are nervous, insecurity (they are gonna love it or not), exhausted (so much hours behind  of 15 min aprox.), and so on. All of these feelings turned into happiness, great emotions, euphoria of doing all the best and in my opinion an amazing job! I believe it is an inflection point and big things are gonna come for the brand and for him and his team!!!! I leave you some pictures about the outfits and the wonderful patterns, colors, materials,… 
jv1 jv2 jv3 jv4 jv5 jv6 jv7 jv8 jv9
Go to their website for more information in http://www.jvporjorgevazquez.es and also you can get an amazing piece of clothes in his store based in the center of madrid Calle Orellana 12 Madrid! Don’t forget that he is one of the best designers for wedding dresses, so if you love your daughter, cousin, sister, friend do not forget to recommend Jorge Vazquez.
To sum up it is a pleasure to enjoy a nice time with big professionals and people with a lot of passion for this world!!!! 
frankie lauren