Lula Magazine!

Hey Guys,

I discover this magazine in NYC, thanks to Evelyn! And I think that it is Awesome!

Ciao Ciao,

Frankie Lauren


3 thoughts on “Lula Magazine!

  1. Hi Frankie!

    OMG u r amazing! u keep me up to date with all the fashion trends. I bought a nice bra from Victoria’s Secret on Fifth Ave, and noticed u never write about lingerie 😦 would love to hear what you think 😉

    btw, totally love how u always talk about New York, makes me wanna read the blog even more.

    ciao ciao, hehehe love it!


  2. Hi Tania!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate your comment! About the lingerie, it is very personnal so I think that everybody is free to take risks, innovate, be conservative,…

    I have lived in NYC for a year and I fall in love with the city, now I am in Madrid (Spain) but I hope I can come back soon!

    Ciao Ciao,

    Frankie Lauren

  3. I think lingerie should be shared with the people u want to get personal with 😉

    when r u comin back to NYC?

    is Madrid nice?


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