Christian Louboutin!

Hi! Christian Louboutin is going to open a store in Madrid (Claudio Coello N13). For shoes lovers, this is the place!!!!



Hi! Today I need to put a post about Dsquared2, one of my favorite brands!!!! I leave you some pictures about the spring campaign. Have a look!

Style & music

Did you remember this video that  I posted it a couple of days before? Now, I found how they make it. So, you can check styles much better! The hats in the video, hard stuff for the summer!!!!

Vanessa Barrantes

In NYC, I have the pleasure to meet Vanessa Barrantes and she is a designer and has an incredible designs. Here you have some examples, for more information:

Street’s Fashion!

Go to the street is a really great idea because you can find very interesting stuff! Let’s check some examples in Europe!

New York’s Style!

Why I love this city so much???? Let’s see why!


Celebrate Fiorucci, bring out the cowboy in you, it is not about getting the old stuff out, no fake vintage here, but a very 2010 Western reviewed look.

Carolina Herrera and Azzaro!

Azzaro and Carolina Herrera, they are brands managed by Spanish businessman’s. They just open a store in Mount Street, the new place of the London Fashion. The openings symbolize the international takeoff of both brands.